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New Facility Building Characteristics

With its iconic and environmentally friendly design, the new Chemistry and Chemical Biology building will become a dynamic entry point to Rutgers’ Busch campus. Welcoming researchers, students, and corporate partners alike, the facilities will foster and support cutting-edge research and help grow the national reputation of the department and educate the next generation of leaders in science.

Located just north of the existing Wright-Rieman Chemistry complex, the new building has been designed with an eye toward fostering collaboration. By combining instructional spaces with state-of-the-art, flexible research spaces, and inviting common areas, it will support the modern educational tools and cross-disciplinary research collaborations that are so critical to the advancement of scientific knowledge.



Modern Chemistry Laboratories

  • Open flexible laboratory work space
  • Clean, healthy, transparent, well lit, fresh air
  • Collaborative workspaces


Core Research Facilities

Shared specialty research facilities are one feature that sets the new Chemistry and Chemical Biology building apart. Currently slated for inclusion are:

  • Microscopy suite (with state-of-the-art SEM, TEM, and scanning probe facilities)
  • Powerful NMRs
  • A class 100 chemistry clean room
  • Optical spectroscopy laboratory
  • X-ray crystallography and mass spectroscopy laboratories

Modern interdisciplinary science, such as chemistry, relies on critically sensitive tools that require extremely stable environments to function properly. Unlike the current building complex, the unique acoustic, thermal, vibration, humidity, and electromagnetic field requirements of each research endeavor have been incorporated into the new building’s design.

The need to accommodate future, as yet unimagined innovations is clear; therefore, planned flexibility is a hallmark of the labs. Modular designs and versatile supporting infrastructure mean that they can be reconfigured in response to the changing needs of technology and occupants, ensuring their relevance and utility for decades to come.



Auditorium and Classrooms

With a course catalog that spans from protein and enzyme chemistry, to theory of chemical reactions, to interpretation of organic spectra, to statistical thermodynamics, to nano-chemistry and beyond, the ability to sustain differing pedagogies is key. Providing the latest technological supports to instructors and students is also critical to the learning experience -- and classroom designs and amenities have been specified accordingly.


Lobby, Conference Rooms, and Common Areas

Face-to-face interactions fuel collaborative innovations, and public gatherings facilitate the sharing of knowledge. Recognizing the role of the physical environment in fostering such interactions, the new building will feature a number of aesthetically-pleasing, centrally-located common areas designed to foster spontaneous gatherings and conversations; as well as a spacious auditorium, capable of hosting a variety of events.



 0411 Jacques Karcnik023
“I sat in the front row of general chemistry every single day for an entire year. It ended up being my favorite subject. Not only did I love doing the work, but I would go home and watch periodic table of the elements videos every night.”

I learned how relevant chemistry is to everything in the world!”
 -- Jacques Karcnik, SAS 2013

Read more about Jacques Karcnik's experience as a Chemistry student.

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